One of life’s greatest pleasures is to eat something delicious and when we buy our food, we want it to be fresh, perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour. Such is our passion for what we consume, many songs have been written about this simple pleasure. Here are some tunes dedicated to some of our favourites things to eat:

Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles

From farm to shop, there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than some cold strawberries with just a dash of sugar or ice cream! Strawberry picking is a unique delight and these juicy red berries will remain a British favourite forever.

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On Top Of Spaghetti – Tom Glazer

What do you enjoy on your spaghetti? A classic tomato sauce, some mushrooms and parmesan cheese? Meatballs or ham and carbonara sauce? When we buy our food, we want to know it’s coming from a trusted source and safe supply chain. For food businesses considering a BRC Audit, contact

Cheeseburger In Paradise – Jimmy Buffet

With a name like Jimmy Buffet, we suspect he knows a thing or two about good food! Cheeseburgers are pretty delicious anywhere but to eat one in paradise? Even better. How do you have yours? Gherkins and relish or just a touch of tomato ketchup? Such a simple item and yet made in the millions everyday across the globe.

Little Green Apples – O.C Smith

Apples are such a versatile fruit. You can put them in crumbles, pies, fruit salads, chutneys, juice and cider and of course, enjoyed crispy and juicy on their own. Incredibly, there are 7,500 different apple varieties across the world and the key to eating them at their best? Harvesting at just the right time.

Bread And Butter – The Newbeats

The universal appeal of the sandwich is based on these two core ingredients. What you put between your bread and butter is entirely a matter of free will and what’s in your fridge! Bread is one of the most universally eaten foods and a staple of virtually every human from all civilisations, past and present.

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Sugar And Spice – Searchers

Sweetening and flavouring our foods since the dawn of time, where would our taste buds be without sugar and spice and all things nice? In ancient times, seasonings were added to food to disguise perhaps a less than fresh dish that was being served. Salt was also used as a preservative. Nowadays, it’s purely about wonderful flavours and enjoying the exotic tastes of dishes from across the globe.

Pizza Man – Old Skull

What began life as a humble street snack for workers in Italy has taken the world by storm. Sometimes, after a hard day’s work all we really want is to relax with a few slices of delicious pizza. Its simplicity is genius. Making your own is even more fun with so many fresh ingredients that can be thrown onto a pizza! What do you love on yours?

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