Kent is a beautiful county and there is so much to keep both locals and visitors entertained – from things to do in Tunbridge Wells like this that please the whole family, to family fun in the sun on the beach at Margate.

As winter arrives, there is still plenty to see and do, and the region of Kent known as the Isle of Thanet has lots of beautiful locations for walking if you want to blow those cobwebs away and embrace the wintery weather!

This is an area of the country that is rich in history and heritage. This was one of the first places that the Romans set foot in when they arrived on British shores so many centuries ago, and there is plenty around here that shows us the evidence of the Romans association with this area.

Of course, one of the natural features of this landscape that many people associate with the area are the tall white cliffs that are made from chalk which gives them that beautiful white colouring. Joss bay is a good place to go for a walk and to experience the cliffs towering over you if you go down onto the beach. The cliffs themselves date back around 80 million years!

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During the 18th Century, the passion for holidays and spending time at the seaside started to get underway, with many people heading to this beautiful coastline from the cities to get the benefits of the salt water and the sea air. This is why you will notice many beautiful buildings dating back to the regency era, built to provide accommodation and entertainment for this new influx of visitors coming to the area.

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It has since inspired many well known people, from Dickens to Turner, who was awestruck by the stunning sunsets that can be seen from the cliffs.

The area was also an important strategic stronghold during both the first and the second world war, and you can visit the museum and see the old planes that took off from here, and it was also where soldiers were brought home from France after fighting in battles like Dunkirk.

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