If you’re heading out on a long journey, you’ll need to check a number of things before you set off. Your car’s engine is a key component in safety, and it’s crucial to check fluid levels before you start your journey. Your car’s ideal fluid levels can be accessed in your owner’s manual.

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Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, and need to be checked before you head off. Tyres not only provide traction, but also contribute to fuel efficiency. Make sure to check tyre pressure, both on the spare and the originals, and add a few psi to the spare. Checking the pressure of your spare tyre is essential too, as an under-inflated tyre will make your vehicle less fuel efficient.

The batteries should be changed before you embark on a long journey, and the terminals should be tightened. A qualified mechanic will be able to detect certain concerns, including vibrations and engine sounds. If you can’t do this yourself, you can get your car checked at a garage. Also, when you need car and Trailer Parts, go to autoandtrailer.com

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The radiator should also be checked, and make sure the fill line is level with the lower limit. Check the car’s lights are all working properly before setting off and you might even want to consider giving your vehicle’s interior a good clean before setting off for a long journey. Keeping your car clean before a long journey will give you peace of mind as well as make you more comfortable.


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