The meter box is a largely functional item in most homes, but depending on the design of your residence and where the meter box is, the appearance of the meter box may be important. If it’s in a position where it is battered constantly by rain and wind, it’s entirely possible that your meter box may start to look a bit weather-beaten.

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Wear and tear

It doesn’t matter if your meter box is for gas or electricity or even both utilities, if it’s constantly exposed to water and low temperatures, then its appearance is going to suffer. This is especially true if your meters are housed in wood. Metal, on the other hand, can be more resistant to the effects of weather depending on the type of metal used in the construction of your meter box. If you’re interested in getting a metal meter box then it might be worth looking at a specialist site such as to see the options available for metal meter boxes.

Meter boxes can also be made from other materials, including glass reinforced with plastic, or GRP. Like metal, GRP can be highly resistant to weather and corrosion. Suitable paint should also be non-flammable. If painting is not an option for whatever reason, cleaning or doing some maintenance on your metal box could improve its appearance. A more durable alternative may be a professionally installed replacement meter box. Reputable suppliers will adhere to all of the current industry regulations relating to the location and installation of meter boxes in the UK.

Safety first

When painting a meter box, the type of material being painted and the paint itself must be assessed as some paints are designed to adhere to and protect particular surfaces. Many paints are available in tin or spray can form. You should always ensure adequate ventilation and appropriate protective gear such as a mask when applying paint.

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The appearance of your meter box is largely a matter of personal choice and whether you paint it or not is entirely up to you. However, the meter box is the ‘home’ for essential measuring devices that must be housed safely and securely so it’s important to bear this in mind when changing or modifying a meter box. Engaging the services of a meter box expert may be safer and easier in the long run.

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