Soon, spring will be here and warmer weather follows. At this time of year, it seems like all wildlife awakens from its slumber to begin the new season. You can find a lot of wildlife on the riverbank during the spring. Many creatures are also more active and visible.

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As you stroll along the riverbank, you’ll see snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells. Wild garlic is a strong-smelling plant that starts to bloom in March. The flowers are white and star-shaped so look out for these. It can still be chilly in the mornings and evenings so don’t forget your fisherman sweaters for women, available from

The water becomes very active – frogs, toads, and other aquatic creatures croak and scream loudly to attract a mate. In April and May, you can see the frogspawn, which looks like jelly, clustered at the edge of the water, usually under plants, away from predators. You can also look out for herons, the master fisherman of the riverbank. They will keep their eyes open for breakfast in the early morning if you stroll along the riverbank.

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If you are quiet in the early morning, an otter can be a rare and wonderful treat. The spring is when otters go in search of a partner, and will therefore be more visible. You can find otters by looking for spraints, or otter droppings. Also look for the tracks of an otter going down to the river.

Swallows, house martins, and swifts returning from their wintering in North Africa or Spain are a welcome sign that summer is near. These aerial acrobats are fond of the river, where they feed on small moths and flies.


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