Homeowners can do a lot to prevent burglaries and other types of property crimes. Some of the most effective security measures are not costly and can be done quickly.

Homes without security measures are five times more likely to be robbed than those with well-implemented security systems. In fact, the most common way for burglars to enter a home is through unlocked doors or windows. Other entry points include screened porches, garages and sheds. The following tips can help deter burglars:

Shine a light. Remove any hiding spots by installing lighting around all entrances, including exterior lights that turn on motion sensors or timers when someone is detected in the area. This can help to deter burglars, as it forces them out of the shadows and makes it more difficult for them to hide their movements.

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Install high-quality locks. If you have sliding glass doors, be sure to use special locking mechanisms for them. Also, consider a peephole or wide-angle viewer for your front door so that you can see who is at the door before opening it. Consider Electric Gates Cheltenham. Gates can make access to your property even harder, so contact Electric Gates Cheltenham for more details.

Keep valuables out of sight. Leaving pricey artworks, silver collections or home entertainment systems on display can be an invitation to burglars. By moving them into a locked location or garage, you can make it much harder for burglars to get to them.

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Create the illusion that you are home when you are away. A few easy ways to do this are to have a friend or neighbour collect your mail, ask for someone to mow the lawn and to leave your radio on while you’re away. These are simple tactics that are highly effective and can go a long way to making your property seem occupied while you’re away.

Maintain doors and windows. Burglars are more likely to target older and deteriorating doors and windows, which are easier to break into. Make it a habit to check and lock doors and windows every time you leave your home, even if you are just going out for a quick run or to the shop.

Don’t advertise your absence. Don’t post about your holidays on social media, don’t tell people when you’re going to be gone for extended periods and make it a rule to have the newspaper and mail stopped, or to ask neighbours to collect it on your behalf.

If possible, have a friend or neighbour “house sit” and stay in your house while you’re gone. If you must leave your house empty for a few days, be sure to put timer switches on indoor and outdoor lighting so that it turns on at different times each day.

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