Being able to put the team together and put it in motion is a first result, but are you going where you want?

To move from simply moving the team to moving it in the right direction, you have to start doing the difficult things listed below that inspire and help the team improve and develop high morale to achieve OKRs.

Make changes that improve the team

Leaders are responsible for minimizing the damage any team member can do because of his weakness or attitude, in order to maximize the effectiveness of everyone, assigning each member to the right place.

These choices very often require difficult decisions, which not everyone accepts.

Receive acceptance of quadric members

It is one thing to communicate the vision to the team, another thing is to gain acceptance from its members. Yet this is precisely what must be achieved to build a higher morale.

The team must accept you as a leader embrace the values and mission of the team and align with your expectations. If you can do that, you will be able to take the team to reach your OKR.

Communicate the commitment

A good part of the process of convincing people to accept you comes from showing them your commitment. People first accept the leader and then his vision.

If you have always shown high competence, good character and a strong commitment, you have laid the groundwork for people to accept you.

Develop and equip members for success

Nothing builds morale like success. Most people are unable to achieve success on their own, but they need help.

This is one of the primary reasons for anyone to lead them to success. If you invest in your teammates, then you will help them and the whole team succeed.

The two hardest stages of a team’s life are the first phase, in which you have to try creating movement in a team that is not going anywhere, and the third phase, in which you have to become an agent of change.

These are the two phases in which leadership is most needed.

The third phase is the crucial moment for a leader. If you can succeed at this stage, then you will be able to create high morale in your team.


You do not need the power of a president, a great leader or the ability of an Olympic athlete to practice the Law of Moral A lot.

You can apply it for all your activities, for your work, in sport, in the voluntary service, or even in your family.

The process of building a high morale is simple, but it is not easy but planning with OKR Software will keep you determined towards your goal.

It’s a matter of increasing your influence on others, it’s a question of leadership.

It takes strong leadership, but above all, it is a process that requires constant time and exercise.

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