If you really thought about it, there are a lot of things in our lives that need a service and we thought we would let you know so you can either do it or ignore it.

Some of these things are actually a legal requirement so you must do them.

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Car service – This is one of those situations where you should do it every year as it will be useful when you sell the car and gives it a paper trail to.  A service will normally give the car a freshen up with oil, water, tyre pressure, engine check and more.  This atleast will give you a bit of peace of mind when your driving.  Make sure you take it to a trusted garage who will do the proper checks and won’t rip you off.

Air conditioning – A good idea is to get this done in the winter as it will be cheap, it will make sure that its ready for the warmer weather and if all goes wrong you have time to get another one before the mad rush.  They will probably clean out the filters or even replace them if needed and hopefully it will perform to one hundred percent effectiveness.

Heating system – Check out your heating system including radiators, furnace, fireplaces and the boiler.  A Gloucester Boiler Service company which you can find at sites including hprservicesltd.com would be able to come in and check your boiler for you and provide you with a valid certificate of service.  They will be Gas safe trained engineers and you will feel safe in your home.


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Chimney – This isn’t really a service as such but more of a clean out that is needed. You don’t hear them mentioned as much any more but a good chimney sweep will be the solution to any blocked areas.  This is a really good idea if you plan to light a real fire and you want the smoke to escape.  If the smoke can’t go up it will soon come back in the room again and cause a choking hazard.

Electrics – It would be wise to get an electrician in during the year to have a look at your wiring to make sure there no short circuits as they can lead to fires within your property.  They will check everything from plug sockets to the lighting on your ceiling if you want them to.

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