The question, when do I allow my child to walk to school alone is a difficult one and should be an individual parents’ choice.  Children usually want to start being more independent and asking to walk to school with friends towards the end of their Primary years.  This is about nine to eleven years old.  As a parent myself, I would want my child to walk with at least one friend, preferably two or three.  I’ve always been taught that there is safety in numbers and there is less likely hood of Stranger Danger if there is a group of children together.

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Not only should children walk together they should also carry mobile phones, supplied by a company like Vodafone Cavan based in Ireland, to find your local store look at websites such as to find the best deals for you and your child. Talk to other parents whose children go to the same school to get a clearer perspective on the general consensus as to whether children should be allowed to walk to school alone. Talk to your child again about staying safe and make sure they agree to phone or text you the moment they arrive safely.

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As long as you have safety protocols in place, such as letting the school know that the children are walking together and you’ve spoken to your child about the dangers and they take their new mobile, then everything should be as safe as it can possibly be.

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