Rugby is a very popular sport, with many schools playing it and numerous leagues set up for teams to play at both amateur and professional levels. There are also various rugby drills being used to develop players.

Rugby is a very physical game, with players facing tough challenges on the pitch regardless of whether they have the ball and are going for a try or are playing defensively to prevent the opposition scoring.

The sport is a great team builder, as all players need to work well together. Rugby also has many other benefits.

Health benefits of playing rugby

Playing rugby builds strength, improves agility and flexibility, provides a good cardio workout, increases self-confidence, improves bone density, builds discipline, reduces stress, builds resilience, improves mental health and develops speed and endurance, according to Health Fitness Revolution. With all these advantages, it is no wonder rugby is such a popular sport.

Rugby can also be adapted and is therefore suitable for all ages. The younger a person can start playing rugby, the more advantageous it will be for them. England Rugby has adapted new rules of play for children to introduce them to the game and keep them interested as adults. The idea is to keep the rules simple so that the game is easier to understand.

Research commissioned by the RFU showed that children learn best and acquire more skills by playing games with small sides and few rules and regulations, according to the England Rugby website. Over time children can learn more rules and skills, helping to retain their interest. This should also encourage them to continue playing as they grow up.

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Variety to keep players interested

It is important for teams of all ages and abilities that their training sessions are interesting. They need to practice all the various skills of the game, but without this becoming monotonous. They can work on weaknesses that have revealed themselves during rugby matches and on improving their strong areas.

A good teacher or coach will have set up a sport plan to practice rugby drills or to play mini-matches.

The plan also ensures that each training session is different and that all skills are covered. It can include practicing the same drills but varying them a little, thereby ensuring that the players do not get bored.

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