The entrance to your home is the first impression visitors have, with a warm and welcoming door adding instant kerb appeal. A great way to inject some colour and style into your entrance is by adding an on-trend wreath. These can be seasonal, for special occasions or simply to add a touch of personality to your door.

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Wreaths not only look beautiful but traditionally they were used to send a message to the community. Wreaths symbolised triumph over death and sent the message that brighter days were coming. Pre-Christianity, wreaths were a symbol of the celebration of the Winter Solstice.

How to make a wreath

The easiest way to start your project is either with wire, formed into a wreath shape, or with a premade wreath form. This can be in any shape or size, from circular to heart-shaped.

Think about what materials you are going to adorn your wreath with. Recycled scraps of fabric and paper make for a pretty, shabby-chic vibe. Embellishments such as faux flowers and butterflies make a great summer display. Seasonal additions like holly, foliage, and faux berries provide a Christmas feel.

Add your chosen embellishments to your wire or wreath form using a hot glue gun and then hang the wreath from your door with colour-matched ribbon, burlap or string.

Composite doors

If you are looking to add a more permanent injection of colour to your home, switching to a composite door may be a solution. Composite doors Worcester have a hardwearing, timber-effect appearance whilst boasting all the properties of UPVC, and are the ultimate way to add style and colour to your entrance.

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Composite doors in Worcester and elsewhere come in a variety of single or dual colourways and have a life expectancy averaging 35 years, ensuring that your door looks beautiful for years to come.

A quality, aesthetically pleasing door can add value to a property. It is a worthwhile investment in terms of expense and time spent, helping to make certain that your home always looks its best.

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