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Best Goldie Hawn Movies

10. Swing Shift(1984)Goldie Hawn Movies

As the United States has already decided to intervene in World War II (1939-1945) and there is a lack of labor in the factories, there are many women who, for the first time, enter the world of work. Among them, two neighbors, old enemies, who will have to forget pending accounts and fight their particular war. His main problem is the teasing, contempt and daring propositions of his co-workers. One of them, married, has the husband in the war; the other, single, pretended to be a singer until her boyfriend chose another to perform her songs.

9. Bird on a Wire (1990)Goldie Hawn Movies

A man who lives with a new identity under the witness protection system is discovered by his ex-girlfriend, just at the same time when a criminal who has just left prison tries to take revenge on him. It is one of the best Goldie Hawn movies.

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8. Deceived (1991)Goldie Hawn Movies

Adrienne Saunders -Goldie Hawn-, an art restorer from New York, marries Jack Saunders -John Heard-, a charming man also linked to the art world. After 6 years of marriage, they seem to lead a perfect life; They have an adorable daughter and professional success, but one day everything changes. The police inform Adrienne that Jack has died in a traffic accident, and shortly thereafter discovers that in her husband’s past there is something that does not fit.

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7. Private Benjamin (1980)Goldie Hawn Movies

After her husband died on the wedding night, Judy decides to enlist in the American army. For a fine girl like her, it will not be easy to get used to the hard training and the hard military discipline, but Judy will try not to fall apart and get through the period of instruction. A comedy starring Goldie Hawn -in those years one of the biggest female stars in Hollywood-, which won a big box office success. It is one of the best Goldie Hawn movies.

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6. Shampoo (1975)Goldie Hawn Movies

George is the most attractive man in Los Angeles, a hairdresser from Beverly Hills who drives all his clients crazy. Encouraged by his girlfriend Jill to set up his own hairdresser, George uses a rich businessman, Lester, to invest in his business. The only problem is that George is sleeping with his wife, his lover and his teenage daughter.

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5. Death Becomes Her (1992)Goldie Hawn Movies

Madeline Ashton is a prestigious actress whose fame begins to decline because of age. She is married to Ernest, an alcoholic body makeup artist Madeline has ruined her life. Madeline married Ernest after stealing it from Helen Sharp, a former schoolmate who has become an obese woman who lives with the fantasy of eliminating Madeline and recovering her former boyfriend. Helen soon realizes that the only way to get Ernest back is to become a beautiful and successful writer. For this, he will come into contact with Lisle von Rhuman, a witch who gives him the potion of eternal youth.

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4. Foul Play (1978)Goldie Hawn Movies

Upon leaving a party, librarian Gloria Mundy picks up a boy in hitchhiking. This is a camouflaged policeman who has microfilm in his possession related to a plot to assassinate the Pope. When they are scheduled to go to the movies, he dies murdered while she is the victim of persecution. Those who follow her find out where she works and try to kill her. That’s when he meets Tony Carlson, a policeman who will protect her. It is one of the best Goldie Hawn movies.

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3. Everyone says I love you (1996)Goldie Hawn Movies

The marriage formed by Steffi and Bob is the paradigm of the bourgeois family of New York: they are rich, liberal and socially engaged. Steffi was married to Joe, a guy with no luck with women, with whom he has a somewhat unstable daughter. Bob has a conservative son, a daughter who has endangered her wedding by falling in love with a criminal and two other teenage daughters who fight over billionaire boys. They all walk their problems through New York, Paris, Venice.

2. Overboard (1987)Goldie Hawn Movies

Joanna Stayton, a rich and presumptuous heiress, hires Carpenter Dean Proffitt because she needs a closet to store her luxurious wardrobe on her yacht. When Dean fails in his assignment, she dismisses him without paying him. Shortly after, falling overboard, Joanna receives a blow that causes amnesia. Aware of the fact on TV, Dean invents a story to impersonate her husband.

1. Cactus Flower (1969)Goldie Hawn Movies

Julian Winston (Walter Matthau) is a single man in his forties who goes through the life of a seducer. His last lover is the capricious and childish Tonie Simons (Goldie Hawn), whom he makes believe that he is married and has three children, that is, that he is not free to marry her. Julian is a dentist and has a Swedish receptionist named Stephanie Dickinson (Ingrid Bergman), who has been going out of his way for ten years.

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