MS, or Multiple Sclerosis, is a condition that causes a number of symptoms that can include problems with balance, movement, sensation and issues with vision. It is a condition that affects the spinal cord and the brain and can lead to individuals needing support from Disability Aids like the ones that are available at

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In some instances, the condition can be mild, and in others, it can cause serious disability in. Most people are diagnosed between their 20s and 40s, but it can affect people of any age. It is a condition that appears to affect many more women than it does men.

Some of the main symptoms that can be experienced include fatigue, issues with walking, blurred vision, bladder and bowel problems, numbness and tingling in parts of the body, stiffness and spasms in the muscles, balance and coordination issues and problems with learning and thinking.

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There are different types of MS, and in some cases, the symptoms may come and go over periods of time, and for others, the symptoms may worsen over time. The two types of MS that are most often diagnosed are Relapsing-Remitting MS and Primary Progressive MS.

Relapsing-Remitting MS comes and goes in phases, where the individual will experience flare-ups in their condition and symptoms. During periods of remission, there will be no symptoms experienced, and during flare-ups, the symptoms can worsen.

Primary Progressive MS has a gradual worsening of symptoms with no periods of relief.

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