With the economy as difficult as it is now and the price of houses soaring, lots of families are making the choice to extend the home they live in rather than face the high costs of moving.  No estate agents, solicitors, moving company costs and none of the stress of packing everything up and risking a house move.  If you live in a great neighbourhood and have lovely neighbours that are more like friends why take the chance of moving somewhere your neighbours may not be as pleasant?  Now that the decision to stay in your lovely home has been made and you have a plan in place to extend, the next stage can begin.  Do your homework and check out several local builders, look at reviews of their work and speak to people who have used their services.  Talk to the person in charge of your chosen company and make sure you are happy with their work ethics and principles. The building company knows whether you will need planning permission for your extension, and they will obtain any permissions needed.

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Once all the planning has been completed then the groundwork can begin, the professional building company you have hired to complete the extension will check to make sure that all foundations are deep enough.  They will make sure not to damage any electrical cables, communication wires or drainage pipes.  If they thought there might be existing damage to your external drainage system they could ask you to contact a specialist firm such as CCTV Drainage Surveys Alcester to check if any repairs are needed.  You can look at websites such as www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/drainage-services-cctv-surveys-midlands/cctv-drain-surveys/cctv-drain-surveys-alcester/ and find a reputable company who could find any issues and resolve them for you.

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Hopefully there will be no problems with the groundwork on your extension and the builders will soon have the external walls built and you will see the size and shape of your completed new room taking place.  Once the outside is finished, the new roof is tiled and the windows are in, the builders will make sure the interior walls are smooth and ready for decorating.  The floor will be laid, and any electrical and heating cables will already have been hidden inside the wall cavities. Everything is now complete, and you are ready to put all the final furnishings inside.  A wonderful new space for you and your family to enjoy and cost a lot less money than moving house.

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